Monday, June 25, 2012

There is one additional water source few have looked at that offers the best possible solution at the least cost with win win for everyone. The largest quarry at Cemex is approx 4000' long 1000' ft wide and 250' deep (One of several). If this were lined with an HDPE GEO textile it could receive run off from the Mill Creek water shed which currently serves the town of Davenport. Water rights have been retained by Cemex, land now owned by open space and the 'semipervins fund which all could receive future funding by selling water to a joint region of water users. There exists infrastructure to treat water which could be swapped with the county, Santa Cruz now acquires Davenport service area, the land trust and joint venture have a water based recreational area that can now be served by the RTC rail as an offset to cost, water to loop back to the top of the San Vincente Creek to ensure habitat, reduction in stream take from Laguna Creek and a win win for everyone.
I have built desalination plants on a major scale in the Caribbean, know cost of construction and operation. I would strongly suggest this option be considered.
Please help to spread this idea.

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